Antares Defense LLC

Reality Based Training - For a Less Than Perfect World

ANTARES DEFENSE LLC Specializes in firearms and tactics training, as well as extensive security training. Our services range from individual one-on-one training to specialized groups. We can conduct tailored training at your location or at our private training facility. Our facility, is located in West Virginia, near Lewisburg, approximately four hours from the Washington area.

What we teach: In each one of our classes, we stress techniques necessary for the safe and sustained operation of your pistol, to include concealed carry, pistol presentation, reloading, and malfunction drills. Our instructors coach the student on target acquisition, sight picture and trigger manipulation. Students will engage targets, fire from varying distances and angles, as well as learn to use cover and concealment. Our training doctrine focuses equally on developing the Gun Handling, Marksmanship, Mindset, and Tactical skills required to survive and win in defensive firearms encounters.

What some of our clients have said:

“...that was some of the best training I have had in years, we should have had this same training before we deployed to Iraq"

“The training in the 'shoot house' was pretty intense; my heart was pounding the entire time.”

“Now I feel comfortable enough that if something should happen, I won’t have a reason to panic, I’ll just respond like we were taught.”

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